A NASI lemak seller was charged at two separate magistrates’ courts in Kuantan today with 25 counts of gold investment fraud, involving losses totalling RM161,073 from September last year to January this year.

Wan Noraini Wan Abdullah, 43, from Jalan Gambang, claimed trial after all the charges were read to her.

In the court before magistrate Ainis Abu Hassan Shaari, Wan Noraini was charged with 12 counts of deceiving three women related to the investment in Empire Gold Ventures at Sungai Isap Maju 1 from September 28, 2021, to January 10, 2022.

Wan Noraini allegedly committed the offences by offering gold value return packages, which prompted the victims to pay RM900, RM11,500 and RM12,100, respectively. The accused allegedly handed over the value of gold at a lower rate.




On the other 13 charges before magistrate Nurul Farahah Mohd Suah, the accused was alleged to have deceived another two women with the non-existent gold investment offer at the same company from November 6, 2021, to January 10, 2022.

The charges, under section 420 of the penal code, carries a maximum 10 years’ jail and whipping, and a fine.

Bail was set at RM24,000 and RM48,000 with one surety each for all charges.

The courts then set July 21 and August 8 for mention. – Bernama, July 4, 2022.

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