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KUALA LUMPUR: The foreign net selling on Bursa Malaysia accelerated in the past week to RM186.2mil, which was over four times the amount net sold in the week before as higher-than-expected US inflation data spooked investors.

Investors, which had been betting on the US Federal Reserve easing off its interest rate hikes due to slower inflation, were disappointed by the higher August consumer price index data, which showed core inflation of 0.6% over the previous month.

"Foreign investors were net buyers on Monday at RM47.5m, before turning to net sellers from Tuesday onwards.

"Bulk of the outflows were seen on Thursday at -RM153.8m, while the amount of outflows recorded on Tuesday and Wednesday were -RM22.4m and -RM57.5m respectively," said MIDF Research in its weekly fund flow report.

Local institutions, which were net purchasers in the previous week turned net sellers once again with RM4.7mil net sold.


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Local retailers meanwhile were net buyers of RM190.8mil of equities after having seen a net outflow in the previous week.

"To date, international investors have been net buyers for 24 out of the 37 weeks of 2022, with a total net inflow of RM7.93b.

"Local institutions were net sellers for 29 out of 37 weeks, with a total net outflow of -RM9.91b.

"Local retailers have been net buyers for 24 out of 37 weeks of 2022. Year-to-date, they have net bought RM1.98b," said MIDF.

In terms of participation, there was an increase in average daily trade value (ADTV) across all investor classes at 14.7% for retail investors, 5.1% for institutional investors and 58.3% for foreign investors, it added.

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